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   Disperse dyes series
   E-Type Trichromatic Shades
   SE-Type Trichromatic Shades
   S-Type Trichromatic Shades
   ACE Series Light Trichromatic
     Shades for Rapid Dyeing
     and Microfiber
   UN-SE Series Middle and Dark
     Shades for Rapid Dyeing and
   P Series Disperse Dyes
     for Direct Printing
   XF Series Disperse Dyes
     for High Washfastness
   SF Series Disperse Dyes
     With High Fastness
   Fluorescent Series
     Disperse Dyes
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UN-SE Series Middle and Dark Shades for Rapid Dyeing and Microfiber
Bright colors
Sound synchronism
Sound covering effect for stripes
Medium warm-treatment fastness
Excellent fastness to sunlight.
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